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            George and Marilyn Wittrock

            We would like to tell you what a pleasure you were to work with on our kitchen remodeling. Right from the very beginning with the bid process until we were finished, you were prompt, thorough, helpful and pleasant when answering our many questions. You gave us options and different ways of doing things so it was much easier to reach a decision on the choices we had to make.

            Thornberg was always helpful and kept the work on scheduel and figured out ways to make things work out. Each subcontractor was on time and took pride in their work. We were especially pleased with the work and suggestions done by the finish carpenter on our cabinets and woodwork.

            The planning your company did enabled you to finish ahead of schedule - something we had never heard of before from our friends. The billing was clear and accurate so that made it easier for us to keep track of costs.

            We are enjoying everything about our kitchen; and thanks to you, it was almost pleasant - not the frustration and chaos we had expected. In fact, even though you stopped back to see if we had any complaints, we are most happy with it all.

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