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            Paul and Debi Blaskovich

            We have just finished our major remodel project with Thornberg Construction and wanted to share our experience. We purchased this home over four years ago with the intent of a major remodel. After two failures with other builders due to bankruptcy (not ours) and competency, we came to Thornberg Construction which we should have done as step one.

            From the very beginning, Thornberg Construction provided thorough information and an accurate bid. Too many contractors give you a price that you can do your project for and in reality they are off by many dollars. Most, if not all, of the cost over-runs on our project were due to architect errors, unforseen circumstances or upgrades by our choice.

            Thornberg Construction began the project on time and worked extensively during the entire nine months that our project took to complete. Thornberg’s Project Manager kept us informed of the status of our construction in addition to what the next steps would be. They did a great job of educating us about building a house! This allowed everything to run very smoothly, and actually allowed us to enjoy the process. Most importantly, the quality of the work of Thornberg Construction and their subcontractors have far exceeded our expectations. We give Thornberg Construction a 10 plus rating!

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