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            Christine Bailey

            We would like to take this opportunity thank you and your crew for the great work done on our home to repair damage done by a fallen tree.

            From the initial response at 2 a.m. to patch the roof to reconstructing (and improving) our deck, we have been very satisfied with your attention to detail and eye toward a quality job. If there was anything not to our satisfaction, you were always available to discuss the situation and see what you could do to correct it. Your positive attitude and willingness to make sure the job was done properly made you a pleasure to work with. We would be happy to work with you again and would recommend your services to anyone.

            We also greatly appreciate the time and effort expended on our behalf in dealing with our insurance company. You took the time to help us sort out any confusion or miscommunication with them ensuring we would receive a fair assessment and settlement. This included taking time to call them and doing a walk through with the assessor. Without your help, we are certain our home would not have been restored to its original condition.

            Thank you again.

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