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            Stephanie Clark

            I am writing at this time to thank you for the level of professionalism that you displayed during the renovation of my Sand Piper Condominium in Seattle after the extensive water damage. Your responsiveness and attention to details made a very difficult situation much easier to grasp with consideration to my distance from the property. Your thoroughness in understanding and reacting to the needs of my tenant certainly were admirable. It is very likely that your actions were the reason that she remained in the condo rather than terminating the lease and for that, I am most thankful.

            The situation was chaotic from the inset because of the lack of performance from previous technicians, but once you entered the scene, the series of events were changed for the better. If at any point there is someone who is looking for the best in terms of reliability, responsiveness and quality work, their good fortune would be a meeting with you.

            Best regards and thank you again for a job that was very well done.

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