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            Services We Provide

            Thornberg is a reputable contractor that follows up on the work they do. From initial design through warranty work. We are able to help people navigate the increasingly complex task of improving their home and business. Design, product selection, permits, land use issues, safety, quality craftsmanship, products that function are all areas that Thornberg brings years of experience to.

            We will increase the value and livibilty of your home and business, and help you with the control of maintenance and associated costs by using the proper materials and processes.

            • Design services, including engineering, from the conceptual phase through permit acquisition.
            • Constructions services from small jobs to large projects.
            • Contract documents, including cost breakdowns and scope of work, so you know what you are receiving.
            • Open communications to answer your questions and keep the job running smoothly.
            • Craftsmen and vendors who treat customers and provide the quality of worksmanship we would want in our own homes.
            • Complete customer satisfaction.
            Located in Issaquah, Thornberg Construction has been bringing quality remodeling, commercial construction and custom home building to Seattle and the Eastside for over 70 years.


            Thornberg brings that same level of professionalism to insurance repair and renovation work. Our committed team of craftsmen, managers and subcontractors work hard for our clients to get them back into their homes and businesses while providing superior service.

            Whether it is a new kitchen, bath, tenant improvement or insurance project, you can count on Thornberg to deliver a quality job.

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