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A standard 1970's split level home that was made to come alive! Two walls were removd, which opened up the living spaces. All of the finishes were re-done creating a bright and modern home. The red plaster fireplace with it's deep color becomes the focal point of the room, brightening it up on any kind of Northwest day.

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Bellevue - Johnson http://www.econo-keys.com/site/services/remodels/interior/spec/item/15-johnspecial http://www.econo-keys.com/site/services/remodels/interior/spec/item/15-johnspecial Bellevue - Johnson

This media room was specially designed as part of a larger remodel. It included a state of the art sound and projection system with intricately designed acoustics and framing to give rich sound within the room while preventing it from traveling elsewhere in the house. These systems, along with the dark cherry cabinets, special lighting, comfortable finishes and stepped floor, give a true theater experience to the owners.

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Seattle - Fong http://www.econo-keys.com/site/services/remodels/interior/spec/item/14-fongspecial http://www.econo-keys.com/site/services/remodels/interior/spec/item/14-fongspecial Seattle - Fong

This tenant improvement was for an architect in Seattle. The existing space was decorated with white, yellow, blue and burgundy walls. A space was created to give the architect a functional area while creating an exciting atmosphere. Subtle natural colors and new track lighting were used for a light and warm look.

Custom made sawhorses were used along with birch door slabs to create inexpensive desks that were functional. A custom built door system on sliding tracks—using simple materials—created a conference room when in use, yet could be slid back to make the office seem larger. The old stained carpet was removed and the existing concrete floor was ground down and acid stain applied for a durable, beautiful floor.

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Kirkland - Cross http://www.econo-keys.com/site/services/remodels/interior/spec/item/13-crossspecial http://www.econo-keys.com/site/services/remodels/interior/spec/item/13-crossspecial Kirkland - Cross

Architectural and construction services were provided to turn this family room into a dream room. Before photos show the different colors, styles and textures in the room. From the kitchen you walk through a new pair of glass pocket doors to the family room. The windows on either side of the fireplace were removed for privacy and detailed bookcases put in their place. An updated fireplace with a marble surround and custom mantle accentuate the entire room. A drywall ceiling, the creative use of lighting, the windows and the painted millwork give the room a bright and cheerful look. The crown molding at the ceiling adds a special touch of elegance. The furnishings and carpet complete the feel of a warm and comfortable room.

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Bellevue - Carter http://www.econo-keys.com/site/services/remodels/interior/spec/item/12-carterspecial http://www.econo-keys.com/site/services/remodels/interior/spec/item/12-carterspecial Bellevue - Carter

This covered porch adds elegance to the back of this home and is functional for the Pacific Northwest weather. The open beams, shingled and rock columns and lighting make an inviting space for outdoor relaxing or entertaining. The large skylights on either side of the roof let in lots of natural light.

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Carnation - Media http://www.econo-keys.com/site/services/remodels/interior/spec/item/11-carnationmedia http://www.econo-keys.com/site/services/remodels/interior/spec/item/11-carnationmedia Carnation - Media

This room makes for a great escape to enjoy your favorite videos, games or music. Dark colors, variable lighting and surround sound enhance the media experience while noise deadening acoustics help contain the sound to this room. The entertainment cabinets along with another set of cabinets in the room help organize the electronic components and keep the media accessible.

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