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            For several years Thornberg Construction has been providing restoration work for homes and commercial properties with damage caused by fire, water, smoke and storms. The skills that are used in remodeling work are the same skills that have been employed to make Thornberg Construction successful property damage contractors.

            We provide timely estimates, professional construction services and effective communication between the owner, insurance company and mitigation contractors in order to restore the property back to it's original condition in an expeditious manner.

            Most of the work Thornberg does is in occupied homes and business'. We understand the stress of having to deal with a loss to your property and your belongings. We work hard with the insurance companies to minimize the disruptions to your home, busines and life.

            This project is currently under construction. The?fire started in the detached garage and spread to the house. A third of the house was severely burned while the rest of the home had bad smoke damage. The home was completely gutted and re-built. The owners decided to make a structural change by combining the garage with the home.

            This property had extensive water damage throughout the house. It was a street of dreams home from 20 years ago.

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