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This project was a renovation to the kitchen, bathroom and storage areas of the Beaver Lake Lodge for the City of Sammamish. It also included the addition of new lighting for the main gathering area.

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Federation Forest State Park

Trail improvements at the Fedration Forest State Park near Enumclaw include the creation of a new trailhead, leveling of the trail for ADA accessibility, new view points and new trail.

A new trailhead at the interpretive center leads to new and existing trail that takes the visitor past several new viewpoints that contain interesting signs and custom benches. The new sign standards were taken from existing on-site logs that had come down in a mud slide and were hand hewn. Along with the new sections of trail, several areas of the existing trail were re-worked to create a more wheelchair friendly path through the woods and include view points that allow the visitor to get close to nature. Care was taken to create the least amount of disturbance to the existing landscape, most of the work was done by hand. Hundreds of native plants were added to blend the new work with the surroundings.

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Lake Sammamish State Park Docks

After years of docks that were too short, too slippery and sometimes underwater, Thornberg Construction completed phase 1 of the Lake Sammamish State Park boat launch improvements that added two much needed floating docks for the Washington State Parks.

Permits for this project required all in water work to be completed prior to January 1st, 2011. Notice for this project was issued to Thornberg on December 1st and work was completed December 31st, 2010. These ramps were designed to ADA standards and are approximately twenty feet longer than the previous wood docks, allowing more room to launch and retrieve boats.

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Seattle - Fong

This tenant improvement was for an architect in Seattle. The existing space was decorated with white, yellow, blue and burgundy walls. A space was created to give the architect a functional area while creating an exciting atmosphere. Subtle natural colors and new track lighting were used for a light and warm look.

Custom made sawhorses were used along with birch door slabs to create inexpensive desks that were functional. A custom built door system on sliding tracks—using simple materials—created a conference room when in use, yet could be slid back to make the office seem larger. The old stained carpet was removed and the existing concrete floor was ground down and acid stain applied for a durable, beautiful floor.

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Bellevue Golf Course Exterior picture of the new pump house with the pump inside. This project entailed the purchase and installation of a Flowtronex pump to irrigate the entire Bellevue Golf Course. A pump house was constructed over an existing wet well, the pump was installed and hooked up to the existing system, the electrical system and controls were installed and controls were ran back to the maintenance facility.]]> Commercial Fri, 25 Jun 2010 14:46:03 +0000